1248 Mini Polar Bear Shaped Cool Mist Portable Humidifier

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USB Polar Bear Humidifier

Air Purifier Polar Bear Portable Humidifier For Home



Ultrasonic high-frequency vibrating atomization technology breaks drop of waternto hydrone in a moment, and diffusing moisture to indoooperating with effective device to achieve multidimensional humidification.

Water mist particle in micron grade can deepen moisturize your skin, while its effectis better than facial mask , and makes your skin become more moisturizedby sweeping all the dry.



Color: white, pink, orange

Material: ABS, PP, Silicone, PET

Size: 20*15*5mm

Powered by: USB

Working power: About 2W


Package Included

1 * Bear Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Weight 199 g

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