1441 Hexagonal Magnetic Braided Rope Drapery Window Curtains Loop Binding Ties Buckle (Pack of 2)

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? Home Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks, Straps, Buckle, Clips Rope Straps Window Curtain Bracket Decoration ? 

If you are looking for something to open up your curtains without drilling holes and anchor hardware to your walls, This Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks are the best solution for you. Upgraded paint process, premium natural Hexa and strong magnet features make our curtain tiebacks string not unravel and waterproof as well.

These are perfect for curtains without using wall hooks and having to drill holes, it is easy to use, tie back for curtains in seconds, Simply tie on anywhere when not in use, so easy to find. It is a creative alternative for the typical tie backs.

? Multiple Methods of use
Cross Lashing once for thin curtains
Wrap Tiebacks once for thick curtains
Decorate anywhere : Higher up, Lower Down

? Curtain Buckle Material
This curtain armrest is made of polyester + strong magnets. The unique buckle design looks like two small bells. It is woven from polyester material to make it thick and durable. It is very suitable for home office.

? Powerful magnetic buckle
The curtain buckle can be sucked at both ends, the magnet is very strong and you can easily slide the center up. Adjust the position you need, and when it’s open, it doesn’t require much power and can be easily removed.

? Easy to install
easy to use, just open the magnetic button and free button.

? Curtain decoration
It has a variety of winding methods to adjust the thinner curtains and it is not easy to slip down. You can easily take it off and do upholstery when you don’t need it. The simple appearance makes the overall appearance of the curtains very delicate and beautiful. Open the curtains to give the sun ample and add elegance to your windows.


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