1447 VR Pro Virtual Reality 3D Glasses Headset

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?? VR Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses for Video Games Movies ?? 

?? Virtual Reality Headset with Adjustable Lenses
Packed with features like: Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Remote, Augmented Reality Support, Supports upto 6 inches phones, Large 42 MM lenses, Adjustable Focal length and IPD, Three way head-strap and a non sweating cushion for comfortable viewing experience

?? Immersive VR Experience
Enjoy VR Games, Virtual Reality Tours, 360° Photos & Videos, 3D movies & the ever increasing selection of quality VR content via your smartphone. The PMMA optical resin lenses are 42mm in diameter & provide a spectacular cinema like experience. Each lens can be adjusted individually to suite ones eyesight

?? Comfortable & Ergonomic Design
VR 2.0 comes with prfessional grade head straps & breathable cushioning. Can be worn hours at a stretch without any feeling of fatigue. Ergonomically designed T-shaped straps make the VR box adjustable depending on your need. Its design can also help decrease the pressure on around your eyes so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoy the movie or game

?? Features Abound
Detachable front lid to enable use with Augmented Reality Games & Apps. Open side slots to attach headphones & charging cable. Air vents for proper heat disipaton. Easy mobile insertion machanism. The classic front holder securely holds mobile

?? Better Results
comfortable headband, super face foam protector, the ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation holes are convenient for inserting earphone and charging, change your phone into IMAX cinema, just one step to VR world, let you enjoy the 3D world at anywhere and anytime

compatible with all Android and iOS phones measuring between 4.7 Inches and 6.0 Inches screens

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