8057 360°Rotating Magic Controller Boomerang Mini Pro Spinner

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Flying Ball Toys, USB Rechargeable Built-in RGB Lights 360°Rotating Magic Controller, Flying Orb Ball Boomerang Mini Pro Spinner Blastoise Toys

Have more fun with flying ball drone that floats, glides, and climbs through the air at your command, then returns to your hand like a boomerang. Play an optional magic controller and show your tricks, the fly orb boomerang spinner drone will bring an excitement for all ages. Safety tested for use with children, the magical orb is the best way to keep you and your team entertained for hours. From beginning with flying light up ball, you can learn new skills, improve your hand-eye-coordination, and get up off the couch and onto your feet. Play anytime, anywhere you want.

Dreamy LED Color Light & Charging Tips

Nebula orb ball with colored LED lights. Flying ball can change colors infinitely when flying, look cool and beautiful at day or night. Our flying saucer mini drone can be charged through any USB port. It only takes 30 minutes to charge, you can enjoy the fun of flying ball. When the LED indicator flashes, it means that the aircraft must be charged. The indicator light stays on when charging, and it goes out when charging is complete.

Durable & Lightweight Design

Flying ball toys upgraded made of non-toxic and high grade polypropylene material, flexible bendy to withstand countless crashes.After countless inspections? lightweight even if we are hit by it, it will not cause any harm to us, and it can also effectively protect our hands, which is very safe for children. The flying toy is light enough to carry around and play anywhere.


1. This product contains a non – replaceable battery. Please do not disassemble it or let the battery get damp.

2. If the toy is heated seriously, don’t charge it. Let it cool before charging.

3. Please avoid strong impact and exposure to direct sunlight.

4. It is recommended charging the flying ball with an adult.

5. Do not charge in an extremely hot or cold environment.

6. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials when charging.

7. Toys should not be used by children under 6 years old.

8. Before playing flying light up ball, please fully charge and keep the top up.

9. When playing outdoors, please avoid rivers, road, buildings, etc., and have enough safe space to walk around.

10. Don’t play with mini light spinner in bad weather such as rain, snow, thunder, electricity and strong wind, so as to avoid injury or damage to the product

11. Do not fly flying space orb ball to light bulbs, light tubes, glass and other fragile products.

12. Never charge the product unattended for a long time. Disconnect the charger after the product is fully charged.

13. To protect the battery life, please turn off the power of this flying ball before charging.


 Cool: It is like controlling the power of a meteor through the starry sky!

 Magic: Who said that there is no such thing as magic? Follow the floating   sphere with your hands, use your skills to move the sphere, as it floats in   mid air

 Explore: Unlock and explore endless possibilities. Now it’s time for you to   present your technology

 Safety: Sealed outer housing. It is durable and can withstand impact. You     are encouraged to pay more attention when recharge it due to its special   and safe design

Gift: Surprise someone with this unique gift!

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