CS18 Selfie Stick 360 Rotation Holder Robot Cameraman Auto Face Object Tracking Phone Holder

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Compatible Devices IPhone & Android 8.1 and Later 【Simple Operation】:1 Install Three 1.5v AA size alkaline dry battery 2 Downloading APP “Apai Genie”3 Put cellphone on the camera mount.Open phone Blth and APP “Apai Genie” 4 Press the power on key for 2 seconds,the red light is flashing to wait connect to bl,they will auto connect red light Long bright means connect well. Live broadcast function must used by the means of APP AGAI GENIE.The target lock box can be clicked to select Object or Face. 【1 Object Tracking Holder +1 Cell Phone=Your Personal Robot Cameraman】: If you have these problems:you can’t record video without a photographer;you can’t take photos by yourself;When you need to shoot a dynamic video release your hand,objects or characters are not deformed during movement,the fixed bracket is not flexible;all these The 360 face&object tracking holder will help you solve the problem,Let your phone follow you,Take selfie and no longer ask for help. 【Live Mode】:Select”Live Mode”after open APAI GENIE app,open blth when red light bright,it successfully connect to Live mode.then start broadcaset 3seconds auto recognize face tracking for live broadcase,background running APAI GENIE,open your live streaming app,where you go,your mobile phone will turn to where you go.hands free. Great for live streaming APPS as follows:Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Whatapp,Snapchat,WeChat,Zoom,Facetime,Skype,Instagram,Tiktok,etc. your Live broadcaset assistant. 【Camera Mode】:Select Camera Mode,selfie stick 360°rotation object&face tracking holder introduce portrait composition and scale estimation AI technology into the intelligent shooting system,which can auto perform professional composition optimization processing on people/PETS.When you go,the phone will turn to where you go,set the pose and take pictures or video automatically at a fixed time of 3 seconds.Auto locks the face,object/PETS,360°Camera Selfie Mount Auto Countdown. 【PAY ATTENTION TO BES】:It must open cellphone Bh first and then open APP “Apai Genie”,no need to manually pair Blth,it will be automatically connected within 6 seconds,Red light is long bright,if not,the red light is flashing.NOTE:Tracking and rotating function MUST use APAI GENIE app,Only Let APAI GENIE be the background and you can use other app.Don’t move too fast, and don’t make the background too complicated.Beauty can be turned off in Settings .
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Brand Name
Model Number
Weight (g)
Extended Length (mm)
Private Mold
Additional Function
Camera Function, Rotatable, Face tracking
Product name
Robot Cameraman Auto Face Object Tracking Phone Holder
Support mobile phone size
Rotating degree
Flip up and down Angle
Support system
Ios 10.0 and above /Android8.1 and above
Execution standard
power supply mode
Selectable/rechargeable or 3 1.5V alkaline dry batteries

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Weight 245 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 16 cm


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