UV11 3D Acrylic Creative Message Board with LED Light Base Holder, with Writing Pen & Cloth ((Transparent, Round Shape, 5×6 Inches)

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About this item
  • A very distinctive style message board to show your own creativity in an impressive format. This is an acrylic dry erase board with a light-up stand. It can be used at home, office, restaurants, cafes, shops or at home parties to display your messages or creative ark works.
  • The message board is made up of pure acrylic transparent sheet with different shapes. You can write a message or draw an artwork using a sketch pen (provided with the package). This acrylic sheet is a dry erase sheet and anything written on it can easily be erased using a damp soft cloth (provided with the package).
  • Our modern, clear dry erase board is a nice change-up from boring noticeboard designs. This clear noticeboard is made from 3mm thick high-quality acrylic.
  • This acrylic message board is placed on plastic base holder with inbuilt 6 high luminous LED light (Natural White LED) which gives an extraordinary look at the message boards. The base holder LED can be flashed with a USB cable attached inside it.
  • This product can be used as a gift for kids, adults. It can be used as a souvenir or home decor item at homes and offices. Kids can use it as a fun toy to write, draw and learn activities.
  • It can be placed as a message board in the offices, shops, restaurants, cafes by writing your daily motivational messages or offers or deals.
  • This message board comes with a white sketch pen. But you can procure any colour sketch pen to make your message or drawings more colorful.
  • Pack Contents:- (1) Acrylic Message Board (2) LED Light Base Holder with USB cable (3) White Sketch Pen (4) Damp Dry Erase Cloth (5) Use Manual
  • Colour Transparent
    Material Acrylic
    Mounting Type Tabletop


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